Chapter 3

This is an archived web diary that I started in 1996

My Diaper Diary

I have broke the diary up into chapters, this page holds the fourth part of my diaper diary

Friday, March 14, 2003 

This is the weekend that I am going to an AB party in Reading, PA.

I left my office and went to the locker room to put my safety glasses in my locker and get my coat and leave for the day.  I was so excited to be going to another AB party.

I drove until I found a rest area outside of Columbus to get  “changed”.  I went grabbed my red backpack that had my khaki pants, normal shoes (was not driving to PA in steel toe work boots), and a diaper.

I got my diaper on and taped up and was in the process of putting some extra tape on it to hold the diaper tapes shut when this old guy came in the bathroom.  Mind you I had the stall door closed and locked, he yanked on the door and I said “occupied”.  He continued to look through the crack; so I got rude.  “Take a fucking picture, have you never seen anybody in an adult diaper before”.  He mumbled something and I finished applying the tape and gathered up my supplies and put them in my bag and put my khaki’s on and left; walking by “old fart” as he was sitting in the other stall, which did not have a door on it.

I stopped on my way out to get a bottle of water. I also took the time to look at the maps in my vehicle.  I also got my pacifier and paci-keeper out too.  I looked over to see “old fart” getting in his car and could see he was telling his wife “Mrs. Old Fart” about me, cause she looked at me, and I just stuck my paci in my mouth and waved at her like a little toddler, and threw the van into reverse and a-way-we-go!!!!

I drove from Columbus, OH to Washington, PA (exit 15 on I-70) and stopped at McD’s and went inside for food (yes, I removed the paci-keeper from my shirt)….. I also got a call from Scott and also one from Mommy C.  I ate my food; should have used a bib, cause I got food on my shirt :(( and then went on my way…. I had 100 more miles to drive before stopping that night.

      TIME OUT!!!: Some tips for driving in PA, I-70 is always in dis-repair, and the turnpike is NOT fun to drive at night…… In Ohio our Interstates are taken care of and lit at night in most areas.

OK, I made it alive to Somerset (exit 110 or Interchange 10 off the Turnpike), paid my toll and looked for my motel.  I had decided to stay at a Budget Host Inn; not a five star motel, but not a single star either…. It was foreign run (aren’t all the little motels), had that typical middle-eastern smell of curry, and of course your typical middle-eastern desk clerk.  Room was $35 for the night, place looked ok.  I was sleepy not to mention wet by now. Got my room, backed my van into a spot right outside the room door.  Went inside and the room was clean, smelt ok.  Got my bag and in the process wet my diaper some more.  As soon as I was inside and had the drapes pulled shut I stripped down to my t-shirt and diaper and set up the laptop.  I didn’t have a local access# that the inn-keeper said was a local prefix so I used my Data cable and cell phone… a blazing fast 14.4Kbps

I diapered up for the night and fell asleep.

March 15, 2002

The next morning I got up, wet my diaper a bit, went to the motel office and got a cup of coffee and a doughnut (their idea of a continental breakfast). I then went back to my room and got my supplies for changing and packed the rest of my stuff up.  I messed my diaper and then changed.  I went across the parking lot to get some more doughnuts and a bottle of water, and fueled up.  This was about 9 AM…. I had about 3 hours of driving ahead of me.

Honestly, diapers are quite necessary when driving on the turnpike.  it is usually 30 miles in between any place to pull off and go to the potty properly.  Either a service plaza of an interchange.

I got to Reading and called Scott and his wife…. they gave me directions to meet them somewhere, I can screw up oral directions, and sometimes written directions too…. meanwhile while waiting for Scott to call me I really had to go potty.  I kept filling my diaper little by little. When I finally did meet them I still had to make pee pee more and more.

We drove to the Homewood Suites where Mommy C and her baby, Felicia were staying, and where I would be staying too…

After asking if I could use Mommy C’s bathroom I changed out of my SOAKED diaper and came out of the bathroom.  Mommy C made me take the diaper out of the suite and dispose of it.  I think Mommy C likes to embarrass little babies.

We met up with Baby Dean and his son James and we hung around my suite for a while… Dean, James and Scott wanted to go Geocaching, so we went to a park, but we didn’t find the item Dean was trying to find (It was dark!!!)

SIDE NOTE: Dean got me started Geocaching, and I enjoy it much, check out

We then had a cook-out at the hotel, Dean cooked the food and it was yummy.  We then went to LaserQuest and played 2 games.

LaserQuest was interesting… I think I would like to play it again.

It was about 10 PM when we got done. I had rode to LaserQuest with Felicia and MommyC, so they brought me back to the hotel, while Scott and his wife took some other people home.

MommyC invited me to her room and we talked…. she said at LaserQuest she saw a person who looked like they might be wearing a diaper.  That got me interested, as I am always trying to spot other people wearing diapers.

I showed Mommy C my pictures and some videos that I had in my collection; including some video of me changing into diapers.

By the time I got back to my room I was so tired I got changed and went to sleep. Scott and his wife stayed in my room for the night.  Honestly I don’t like being alone in a motel room.

I awoke about 8 am and started to gather up my stuff, and I had a lot of stuff to pack too…..

I got diapered in a depends and a Boost pad before leaving the hotel.  I am on the road by 11am after filling up at the Wawa station (name of a gas station).

I wet my diaper about 3 hours into my trip home…. only stops I made were at a service plaza to fill up my glass with more juice, at a McD’s (same one I stopped at Friday) and at a BP station.

On the way home I let the Exhibitionist side of me out to play… I put my pacifier keeper on my shirt and sucked my binky all the way home…. I counted about 5 vehicles that did notice my pacifier.

One vehicle was a mini-van with a family in it, mom was in passengers seat, she did a double take and had a “OhMyGosh” look on her face.  Second one was a group of guys, they looked over after I had passed them for the second time.

The most memorable one was when I was in either Ohio or West Virginia… grandson and his grandpa are in a red dodge pickup truck.  They passed me slowly, the little boy was no older that 10, he looked over and saw me…. they went past me, so I sped up to see the grandson again, he had this smirk on his face as if to say “man I wish I had one of those”

My mom wanted to order a pizza and have me pick it up on my way into town…. me without thinking agreed… I forgot I was in a disposable diaper, which was anything but thin and/or dry.  I went in and waited for my order to be done  (mom didn’t call when I told her to, or else it would have been ready)

I got home and went to the bathroom….. I said “I got to change and clean-up before dinner”  My mom being the dense one that she is didn’t notice that bulge in my pants, but she did hear the diaper tapes ripping.  She asked what I was doing  “changing out of my diaper” I replied, “how do you think I made it from Eastern PA to here with only 3 stops”

June 16-20, 2003   –  Baby goes on vacation


My mom and I had been planning a vacation.  When I say my mom, I mean my real mom, not an AB mommy.  We were headed to Orlando, first time my mom has ever flown, and my second time flying….

I was going to wear a diaper on the plane, but chickened out at the last moment.  Due to the typical airline crap that always happens.  We didn’t get into Orlando until close to midnight (3 hours later than we were supposed to).

We were staying with a friend of mine who had moved down to Florida after college.  By the time we had arrived there and got our luggage in, it was 2:30 AM.  I was in no mood to diaper up.


Mom and I went out to the local shopping areas, to the little mall, Wal-mart, the AAA office (to get tickets to something). and then back home again.  I went and laid down for a nap and put a pull-on diaper on.

The three of us went out for dinner at this little seafood place my friend knows.  Food was pretty good.

I figured that since I was in a bedroom by myself, and my friend was on the phone, had the TV on and was chatting on AIM;  that I would get one of my depends and put a boost in it and diaper up for the night.


I woke up and waited till my friend left for work before I got out of bed.  Wet my diaper and then surfed the net.  Wet some more, and finally decided it was time to get up.  I had to figure out a way to get the used diaper out of the house.

Mom and I went to HOP for breakfast.  After that we went back to my friend’s house.  Mom changed clothes, and while she was doing that I took the diaper out to the car and put it in a sack in the trunk.

We needed to get some beach towels and a waterproof camera at Wal-mart.  So to kill several birds with a single stone.  I sent mom in to get the towels and check about them having a Fuji Frontier (digital imaging machine); while I went to the gas station.  While gassing up I trashed the diaper.

We went to Water Mania today, we stayed there for a few hours… until it looked for sure that it was going to storm, then we packed it up and headed back to my friend’s house.

When we got back to his house, I put a DVD in and we watched Panic Room.

My friend had Thursday off, so he was hitting the Liquor good.  We had a couple of drinks, had something to eat and then went to bed.

I went to bed that night kind of late.  I had my pull-on diaper that I had not used from Tuesday afternoon, so I put that on, after making a stop at the “big boy poddy”


Woke up to hear the weather report “RAIN”.  I had been raining off and on all week.  Today we were going to go to Universal Studios in Orlando.

Since I had my pull-on diaper on and hadn’t used it during the night, I decided to be a big boy for a bit and use the poddy.

We left the house, I still had the pull-on diaper on, but had put a pair of boxer/briefs on overtop of the diaper incase I could not stay in diaper.

I had packed 2 disposables, 1 boost, and 1 huggies size 6.  In order to use the Huggies I needed to slit it open.  So I made an excuse to stop at a grocery store to buy some doughnuts, and found some small pointy school scissors.

When we got to the park they were looking through bags upon entrance.  I let mom get in front of me, as she didn’t know I even packed any diapers for the entire trip at this point.  When the lady got to the section I had my diapers in; I unzipped it a little and said that there were personal items in there.  They have probably seen everything once or many times.

We got in line for the rides and such and while in line for Twister, I noticed a boy about 8 to 12 in front of us.  His butt looked puffed out and the front side looked padded as well.   This boy must not have cared if people knew he was diapered or didn’t realize that the top of his diaper was showing, as I saw it about 10 times.  While standing inline I let out little squirts of pee pee into my diaper.

The pull-on diaper held up through lunch and a bit after that…..  We got near jaws and mom said that she was going to go to the bathroom.  At this point I figured that it might be a good time for me to do a diaper change; so I went around to the men’s room only to find the Handicapped stall in use.  I settled for a regular stall.

I took my diaper off rolled it up and set it down, then I sat on the poddy for about 5 mins and poo poo’d.  Time to get my didee on… I decided to use the huggies, so I had to slit it and cut off the velcro tapes.  re-tape the velcro things to the front and back of the diaper (keeps it in place as it holds onto the inside of my depends)

Half way through mom called on my cell phone.  I lost the call, and then finished diapering up.  When I did get changed, I bravely took the diaper and walked out of the stall “like I owned the place” and disposed of my diaper in the trash can.  got a few looks, but no comments.

Mom was kinda hot, as she does not listen too well when I said, “I gotta go too, meet ya back here.”  I could have told her at this point that I was wearing, but didn’t.

We saw another show, which was cancelled half-way through due to MAJOR storms.  While standing outside in the rain  I had to go really bad, so I let it out little by little.  We then walked over to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, which I loved, since I am a “parrothead”

After eating my Cheeseburger in Paradise, mom went to hard rock cafe, then she went to the poddy… I slipped in there too to adjust my diaper.

On our way to Motown I felt the need to poop, and released it into my diaper, and then excused myself to the bathroom.  I got changed and then headed to Motown.

We left the park shortly thereafter, and drove back to my friend’s house.  About half-way there I spilled the beans.

“mom, do you want to know why I took so long at the restroom over by Jaws today?”

Being inquisitive she said yes

“Well I decided to wear my diapers today, and I could not get into the handicapped stall, where there was more room to change my diaper at.  So I had to do it in a smaller stall and it took more time.”

She asked why I decided to wear, and followed it with an explanation that worked.  “were you afraid you would have an accident” knowing that sometimes I when I have to go to the bathroom it is not a wait 5 minutes thing, it is a NOW thing.

She suggested it and I took it, following up with “It was that and my bowels felt strange all day, and I also didn’t have to worry about finding a bathroom quickly.  I did have a few accidents too (they would have been, had I not been wearing).  One was when we were standing in the rain under that awning, the sight and noise of the rain made me have to go, and there was no bathroom in sight.  The other one was when we were walking to Motown, I messed my diaper, so that took longer to get changed out of.

I went on to comment how hard it is to change standing up, and that I used a stuffer in my diapers to make them hold more.  I also commented that I was wearing what I thought to be a thick diaper and said that she couldn’t even notice it; and she agreed.

I also made mention that I would be wearing the next day on our flights back home.


We needed to be up early in the morning, as our plane left at 7:00, and we had an hour to drive, plus be there two hours early for security;  so it was decided we would get up at 2:00 – 2:30 and be ready to leave.

I decided not to diaper up that night, that way I would not need to change a used diaper before getting on the plane.

So after we had loaded all the luggage in the car, I went back in the house and diapered up and we were on our way. I am pretty sure I told mom that I was going to diaper up, or that I already was.

We got to the airport in plenty of time.  I think I wet my diaper a little bit before we got on the plane, but not enough to need to change.  We took off and mom and I slept most of the flight into D.C.

Once in DC we figured out where we were going…. I told mom “once we get through security, I got to find a bathroom and change my diaper.”  we got through security and I got changed.

Our flight got cancelled and we had to go on a different airline and stuff, but we got back into Columbus at about 1:30.  We got the car and went home, I was a little wet by this time.  The ride home was scary, I was so tired, that I almost fell asleep many times.

We got home and I went to sleep until about 6:00 that night, I woke up and wet my diaper and then hopped into the shower to get ready to go out for the night.

When we got home that night I diapered back up and fell asleep for the night

Saturday, June 21, 2003

I woke up at about 9 AM and was walking around the house in a diaper, onsie, and boxers.  I had to gather up my Karaoke gear, as I had a gig that night.  at about 10:30 I had wet my diaper a bit and was laying down typing the diary entries from my vacation when I needed to poop;  I just relaxed and let it happen.  I kept on typing in a messy diaper and after about an hour I decided to change and get ready for the day.

Saturday, July 26, 2003 – Going to the MI AB/DL party

Well today is the day of the MI AB/DL party in Detroit/Madison Heights/Troy Michigan. I was hoping to go with another AB/DL from Mt. Vernon, OH, but he decided that he couldn’t go….. So I made the Trek alone.

At about 12:45 I got my stuff that I was taking rounded up into the front room. I laid out my cloth diaper as a changing pad, and proceeded to cut the tape taps off a size 6 generic baby diaper, and then I poked holes into it and laid it inside a large Depends overnight. Add some powder and taped it up nice and tight. I still think a diaper fits better when somebody else puts it on ya…

I then put my onsie on, turned myself into a pretzel trying to get the snaps snapped. Then I put a regular polo shirt on over that, and then my new overalls.

All I had left to do was get some gas… my vehicle’s gas gauge is broke, so I had no idea what the level was…. I was counting on $20 to fill it, but was only about $12

Off we go… it took me about an hour and fifteen minutes on US 68 before I got to I-75. (mental note, go through Jackson center next time, you can go 65 all the way up!!)

Once I hit I-75 I reached over and grabbed my pacifier and clipped the pacikeeper to my shirt. About 2 hours later I was in Michigan.

The entire way up, I kept looking at the other cars in the lanes next to me, to see if they saw my binky…. none did… but I now saw my chance……

In the center lane there was a black compact car with like 5 teens in it… perfect chance…. I sped up and paced them and then looked over. One or two of them saw me, so I picked up a little speed, gave them like 10 to 15 seconds to digest what they just saw and to tell the other occupants in the car. I now let off the gas and let them catch back up with me, this time they all looked; I smiled and waved and then sped up….. OH THE THRILL

I got to the other side of downtown and there was construction big time… I-75 had to go from 4 lanes northbound to 1 lane…. that was tricky and it took about 30 minutes to go a mile. Once I got past all the construction and found the hotel it was great.

At that point I was dry; so I got out of my van and called the party host to come let me in and joined the people that were there to help him with the party.

I needed to get some cash and to call my mom, so I took off to find an ATM, and then came back.

I sat around and talked to Steven and Dan; we talked about how we all got into diapers and stuff.

The party was fun, we were just sitting around chatting while we waited for the pizza…. after eating pizza and talking with one of the ABies named Dan I had to excuse myself back to my room. I was messy, which was not my intent.

I screwed around trying to mess some more and did. Then I cleaned up and re-diapered up and went back to the party…. They were watching 101 Dalmatians when I got there.

I think all in all there were about 20 to 25 people there…. lemme see if I can name some…. I can’t, you know who you are (and I don’t like naming names)

We stopped the movie and did the door prizes.. Dan won a bag of attends, which he needed, as like me he ahs fallen on hard times.

We sang Happy Birthday to BabyMatt from Toledo, he was there with BabyBrad. Then one of the ABies did a magic show… and that just amazed the other little babies and myself.

I also bought a pair of pooh overalls from another AB for $10… now all I guts to do is learn how to rip the inside leg out and put snaps in there.

By now it was about 1:00 AM (in the morning), and the party was over… most of the ABies were from this area, so they were not staying at the hotel…. I wish I would have had an AB to play with and change and feed and be fed by one, but that is something I will just have to work on.

I hope Sam has more parties, cause it was not that bad of a drive up here, and the peoples are nice… I gots they e-mail addresses and yahoo screen names and stuff like that….

Sunday, July 27, 2003 – The morning after

I got to my room at like 2:00 and went to sleep…  at 6:?? something the alarm clock rang…. I didn’t set that damn thing… well I tried to go back to sleep, but that was no good.

Well I am now sitting on the big boy poddy, didn’t feel like messing my diaper and having to clean it up. The poopies don’t wanna go in the poddy though. I gonna get some big boy undies on and get some breakfast. My skin needs to breath… then I will come back to the room, get ice for my cooler, put some baby lotion on my diaper area, let that soak in and such and then about noon, re-diaper and head home.

I had more luck in getting my binky noticed on the way home….. this couple in a Kia Sportage looked over at me and they both smiled and gave me a thumbs up, guess they must think I a good baby.

Monday January 5, 2004 – an update

After being out of work yet again for 6 months, I got a job…  I work for a credit card company in Columbus…..  This means I have an hour and some commute each way each day to work.  I got my first paycheck on the 31st and of course I had to stop off and get some diapers….  I bought a case of Attends, bag of sz 6 baby diapers, and a package of pull-on diapers.

I wore a diaper almost all of xmas break, and new years break, the diaper pail is full

I had been noticing that my pants were a bit damp when I was going to the bathroom… I had been drinking a lot of water at work and was running to the potty every 30 minutes or so it seems, and I had been having loose poopies….  I decided yesterday to wear a pull-on diaper under my regular clothes…  I did not plan on wetting this during the work day. as it is too hard to change (gotta completely undress to get another one on), but I took a depends overnight with me just in case I needed it.  I was dry until I left work, then I wet a little, and by the time I had gotten home, picked up dinner and got out of my work clothes I was soaked. I changed into my PJ bottoms and big boy undies and ate my dinner, and relaxed in bed watchin tv.

Thought I would get ready to diaper up, I must have fallen asleep, cause I awoke undiapered.  I will wear a pull-on to work again today.


Some catching up to do….. TONS OF IT!!

Don’t worry, I’m still a big diaper baby, still at my same job…. hoping to move to Columbus

Recently since about mid June I have been wearing a diaper about every night.

In July I went to an outdoor concert with my mom, her boyfriend and another friend of my mom’s… all 3 days in a diaper

I have been messing my diapers more often, sometimes in public

I have worn a diaper to work once, and chickened out after changing at wendy’s during lunch about going back in a diaper….  I frankly would like to leave my baby side at home when I go to work

Have had play dates with a couple AB’s, spent the night at one person’s place.

Would love to meet more people and to possibly host a AB munch in Columbus OH


August 28/29, 2004 – Mini Vacation to Kings Island

Saturday (28th) I had to work at my daytime job till 2:00, I drove home and mom and I got my bags packed, diapered up and loaded the van.  I am going to Kings Island outside Cincinnati for a day of fun with my mother.

We decided to drive down Saturday night and get a hotel room near the park so I would not have to drive the distance on Sunday morning…

I was in the same diaper from about 4:30 to about 10:00….  by this time I was getting cold and was wet…. I had stripped down to my boxers and t-shirt over my diaper.  By this point, my mother had to know I had a diaper on, cause it was crinkling loudly with each move…

I had my fresh attends, baby diaper stuffer, wipes, powder and stuff to change with, she has to have see it sitting there.  I was waiting for her to make a comment….. nothing

So, finally I said “My diaper is wet and needs changed, can I change on the bed, or would you rather I do it in the bathroom”  I was told to go in the bath room.  Side note: the bathroom is small and the floor is hard.  More Side note:  If she thinks I am going to change in there in the morning she is nuts!!

Here it is Sunday morning as I am typing this .  My mom woke me up with her snoring, and that I am normally up by 6am as it is.  Just sitting here in a diaper and a t-shirt typing this, I have woken my mother up, and we were making some small talk.  I asked her when if she had realized I was in a diaper last night before I stripped for bed, she said yes, cause they make so much noise. She said she knew I had one on when we got into the room.  Mother said I should wear the pull-up diapers as they have a cloth cover, I told her that they SUCK!!!

My diaper is wet, and I think I can get another hour of sleep, so I am going to go back to sleep

At the theme park Aug 29

Woke up about 8 am and got dressed (with diaper underneath) and went down for breakfast, we came back and got changed and to go swimming. My mom saw me laying out a diaper and stuffer and said.  “You can’t wear that in the pool, it will soak up the water”.  I replied “DUH!!!! I am just setting it out”

came back and chilled out from swimming.

It is now 11:15 and mom said i need to get a shower and get dressed.

I noticed when i changed earlier that i better get the rash cream out, cause I need it.  Mom decided to get her makeup on, and i had my diaper out on the bed, she said to go ahead and diaper up while she was in the bathroom, if i insisted on wearing a diaper to Kings Island.  I got diapered up and dressed by the time she got her face on….  She said “your wings are showing”  Wings meaning the part of the diaper that is sticking out from over the waistband.

We got to the park and this couple approached us and asked if we needed tickets, they were wanting to sell us tickets.  Not feeling to sure about this, we passed on the offer.  We got up closer to the gate and another lady approaced us and asked if we needed tickets, she was giving them away.  Seems her church got a ton of tickets, and today was the last day they could be used.

We got to the park and got something to eat, after that we went to the Octopus/Monster ride…. oh how cramped.  This mother had her two sons with her, she was going to video tape them on the ride.  We just about get ready to get on the ride at the front of the line and i think the youngest said he had to go to the “potty”, she must have told him to hold it.  Well when the ride stopped, the older boy said “mom David wet his pants while on the ride.”  she must have asked him and he smiled and raised up his shirt to show her the wet spot, which was not small.  Too bad he was not diapered up.

I wet my diaper a couple of times, and by about 5:30 / 6:00 pm mom and I were ready to head home, after spending time in the gift shops and stuff we headed to the gates, me in a soggy diaper.  I used my paci on the way home, after getting a puzzled look from my mom I ashamedly put it away.

We stopped off outside of Xenia where 68 and I-71 meet.  We ate at Max & Erma’s, I told mom that i had to change and took my bag in with me and changed in the bathroom, she never said a thing to me about if i had changed into another diaper or not.  Think she knew i got into another one.

Just got home and i stripped down to a diaper and t-shirt

I woke up in the middle of the night needing to wet, so i did.  I have recently been able to wet my diaper while stil laying down, i just love that feeling of wetting my diaper.  I fell asleep right away, woke up again wet some more, I really think the diaper was wetter than it was when i had went back to sleep.  This time i decided to check some web pages and then change into a dry one to finish the night.

September 2004 – buying some attends

I have been buying the attends that i use from a place in two towns over.  They always have had them, recently they have either run out of stock, or decided not to carry them as much.  Seems everytime i get them the PO# corresponds to the last time i bought them, meaning that they ordered them after i left.  Well this time they were out of them.

lol…. when they said that they were out, and she had placed an order for them…. she goes “do you have enough to last you till then” like they were for me, AS IF!!! …… little does she know

Did you just fart? No, I did a little more than fart…… October 25, 2004

“Yuck, how can you stand that……”

This was the conversation when I got in the van and took my mom to work the other day. First let me rewind a bit.

During the week of Monday October 18 to 25th I had some nice diaper time. I wore to bed every night. I think Monday morning before I got out of my diaper I had messed into it. I know some of you say “EEEEEEWWW Gross”; but I don’t mind it.

On Wednesday I had the day off, so I stayed in bed and diapered till about 10am, I did take my mom to work at 6am though. A friend of mine from out of town (non-AB) wanted to meet up for lunch and to have me work on a couple things on his laptop. So I changed into a clean diaper and met with him….. after lunch I wet and messed my diaper as best as I could. Then I had to change for my eye doctor’s appointment.

I had pondered over wearing one to the eye doctor or not…. Finally I decided to go ahead and wear one under my pants, after all I don’t know this doctor, and probably will not see him again.

Another nice thing about having to drive out of town for this appointment is that I could swing by the medical supply store and buy some more attends.

I went to the store after the Dr’s Appointment and asked for a case of large Attends briefs….. the girl brought out a store brand of diapers…. I told her I had asked for attends. She said, “we don’t carry those”; To which I informed her that I had bought some last month there, mind you they had to order them. The older lady working the counter said “we do have a limited stock, they are back in the stock room……” The younger girl went back and found a case. I reminded them that this is what I like and will buy them as long as they keep ordering them.

I went home that afternoon, diaper still on under my pants, walked right past mom and don’t think she noticed…. I had changed to my sleep pants cause I did not envision going out that night.

Before bedtime I had a messy and wet diaper to change also.

Woke up Thursday morning and wet my diaper as I usually do

Friday I came home started cleaning my room up, mom helped some. After she left; I waited about 5 minutes then diapered up for the night. I played around in my diapers till bedtime, then I changed for bed.

I had to work Saturday, so I had to change out of my diapers and be a big boy; at least until work was over.

I came home, diapered up and worked some more on my room, wet some and changed before bedtime.

Sunday morning I had to work more on cleaning my bedroom…. I had to take all my baby and diaper stuff and lock it in the cabinet, as I was getting a new bed today… after stowing all my supplies away I changed out of my soaked diaper.

Sunday night I diapered up as I usually would, except this time in my new bed. I got a mattress protector that has a vinyl covering on the bottom of it, so now my bed crinkles.

Monday I woke up and wet my diaper the first thing…. while taking out the garbage I had to mess… so I just grunted and messed in my diaper.

Not wanting mom to smell it I did not stay in the kitchen where she was. I went to my bedroom to start writing this. I lost track of time, as I was not planning on leaving to take her to work in a messy diaper, but I did not have the time to change.

So I climbed in the drivers side of the van, it didn’t take long for the smell of the messy diaper to fill the air, even though I had the window down. Then the question came.

“Did you just fart?” She said
I replied “No, I did a little more than fart……”
“Yuck, how can you stand that……” She said.

She went on to warn me that I am getting to used to wearing “those things”, and that one of these times I am going to forget I don’t have one on and I am going to wet or mess myself

She got out and went into work. I went back home, poo’d some more in my diaper and then changed and showered. Now that i am clean, I got to go to work.. Nooooooooooooo I doooooonnnn’ttttt waaaaaannnnnnaaaaaa go!!!!

Oh well by 9p tonight i will be back in another dry diaper

Diaper Delivery

I had been chatting with a TB for a number of years. Had seen him on web cam once, just his face.  He knows that I don’t meet minors for diaper play, period.  He had been needing to get some more diapers, so I had without realizing how far a drive it was going to be, agreed to buy the case of attends he wanted and drive them to him and he would pay me for them plus a delivery charge.

We had decided that the day before thanksgiving was the day we were going to do this.  I had told my mom that I was going to be meeting up with a group of diaper friends from online, and would not be home when she got off work, but would be back later on; so this gave me enough time.  The week before I had called my diaper supplier and had them order the case of mediums and make sure they had a case of larges in stock (might as well stock up while I am at it).

I had taken mom to work at 6am, then I went back to be for a bit in my wet diapers, I couldn’t sleep so by 8:30 I had changed into a dry diaper and was on my way.  I had the GPS and laptop loaded up in the van for my road trip.

I got to the medical supply store about 9:15 and bought the diapers and I was then off to deliver them.  It was a 2 and a half hour drive up there and another drive back.  I basically dropped off the diapers, how do you do, have a nice day and left.  Oh and on the way up I soaked myself too.  I could have stopped and changed, but I figured I would just continue home.

I got home that night and the first thing I did was change my wet diaper into a dry one.  I was wet by 7pm when we went out for the night, so I dressed as a big boy.

The rest of the week or two I diapered up each night. One morning I woke up to find my diaper already wet.  Now I am not a bed wetter, and never was, so this came as a surprise to me.  I made sure I wore a diaper the following nights, but it did not happen again.


Wednesday December 8th


Mom and some of her co-workers were getting together at a local sports bar, which has karaoke, so I joined them.

I think I drank about 2 pitchers of Mt. Dew, so I knew I better diaper up.  I woke up somewhere in the middle of the night wet, went back to sleep, woke up at 3:30am and had to soak’er again.  This time I had to change into a dry one.

I slept in till almost 10am and by then I was soaked again, I had awakened and wet several times.

Mom and I were going Xmas shopping so I had to dress like a big boy in underwear L; wish I could have diapered up.

Came home after dropping mom at work for some meeting and diapered right up and here I sit in a attends with a boost in it; typing to you

First post for 2005 – February 9

Not much has happened since the last post.

I had a week long vacation around Christmas time, so I am sure I wore heavily then, we had a snow storm that dumped 20 inches on the city.  First full week in January we had an ice storm that coated the trees with ice, looked lovely, till those tree branches got heavy and fell on the power lines and knocked the entire town out of electricity for an average of 4 days.  For once it was actually too cold to put a diaper on; you just can’t get nakee when it is 40 degrees in the bedroom.

The last Saturday in January, I hosted an AB munch in Columbus, it was attended by one person, thinking about doing another one, maybe in march when the world decides to thaw and dry up a bit.

Last night (Feb. 8) my mom gave me a wonderful gift; her cold.  Thank you very much mom, it’s what I had never wanted for myself.  I was coughing most of the day at work, clearing my throat, by evening I was coughing more.  I woke up at 1:00 AM (today) coughing and then it happened…….  I coughed so hard I had an accident…. THANK GOD I WAS WEARING A DIAPER!!  I figured since a good bit came out, might as well finish it off (you don’t think clearly when you just wake up).  Oh boy what a mess, clear up to the front.  I had to clean with wipes and then a wash cloth, just so’s I could sit on the poddy and see if I could make more poopies

I told mom this story this morning right after I thanked her for her gift.  She goes “did you poop your pants, I hope you rinsed them out, where’d you put them”

I said “I had a diaper on luckily, but it was still a mess”  She had heard me up, who wouldn’t have, but never got up or yelled to see if I was ok or not, thanks mom for caring.

So here I am in bed at home on my one day off for 7 days, coughing up little green globs, what a way to spend the day, oh well, at least I can stay in a didee…
1 hour from Columbus, I WORK IN COLUMBUS
1 Hr. 15 Min from Dayton
1 Hr. 15 min from Findlay
2 Hrs. from Toledo
3 Hrs. from Detroit


Well time to go back to my everyday humm-drumm life.

After 2005 I stopped writing my blog.  Other websites came to popularity like, RUPadded, Fetlife, adisc, and others.
I hosted a ABDL party in 2006 and met many friends who I still spend time with, even though we have moved on in our lives.