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Welcome to our community for ABDL's in and around Ohio. .


After a few years of not doing anything with the web site for OhioABDL.com and my own DiaperNH.com, I have decided to give it another go. What I hope for is a community of people who enjoy conversing and getting together. I am gearing most of the site for the Ohio bunch, but I know we have Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan people that would be interested as well. Most of all I want this to be your place. This site is for the ABDL / Littles and those who care for them Basically speaking I am catering towards those who don't feel like they fit in with the crowd on those other fetish sites.

Upcoming events

Upcoming events in the Ohio ABDL community

DiaperNH's Blog

This is where DiaperNH's blog is, just his writings on his ABDL life

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Get some custom ABDL pinback buttons, magnets, signs and decals. Fun to wear at cons, on your backpack, on your wall and vehicles.