Teddycon 2017

since I missed TeddyCon in 2016, I decided to buy my ticket as early as possible, buying my ticket in January of 2017.  I had made the choice to skip CAPCon as it was too close to another vacation.

Back in January, October seemed so far away for this little…  “It’s 9 months….. That’s forever” my little brain said.  Oh but those 9 months came very quick when it got down to the last 2 months.

The trip was over 7 hours long.  I knew I was not going to try and drive myself, or else it may take two days.  So I decided to ride with my longtime ABDL friend Jeffy (AKA Zippy).

The plan was that when I got off work on Wednesday night we would go get dinner, crash at his house and then take off in the wee hours of the morning.  We went to bed about 10 pm and then got back up a little after 1 am.  We were loaded and on the road by 2:30 AM.

We might have made better time if both of us had been padded up, but neither of us did.  We arrived at the hotel shortly before 11:00 AM.  The Con started at 1:00 but the hotel was already bustling with littles and their personalities.  I walked around and ended up sitting down with a bunch of people in what somebody termed “the living room” a hallway with tons of chairs and couches

By about 2:30 the hotel was letting people check in, which was great as I was very hot and sweaty and my little inside me was about to have a meltdown.  I got to my room and cranked the AC all the way down to 60 degrees while I stopped sweating, then slowly brought the room back up.

I got diapered up and  in my Rearz Safari onsie and I hit the con with Pooh.  I walked over to the ABU table and the guy asked “What size are you”.  Thinking he was trying to sell me some diapers I said XL and he said “well your choices are the lavender or the preschool plastic” and then he grabbed a bag and gave them to me!!!  Shout out to AB Universe, that was so neat

If you have never been to TeddyCon, you have no clue what you are infact missing out on.  There are activities like arts and crafts, story time, a nursery, messy activities with finger paint, shaving cream, etc.  There are vendors there selling all sorts of diapers and clothes.  Bestest of all is all the new people you meet and hang out with.  The con ends at 10 or 11pm but I can tell you the party don’t stop till at least 2 am.  We roasted marshmellows sang around the fire pit and talked.