Chapter 1

 This is an archived copy of my old web diary that i started in 1996.

My Diaper Diary

I have broke the diary up into chapters – This Page contains the first part of my diary

My first wetting

I am 18 years old and have talked on the newsgroup before, just have not posted anything this big. I have just wet what I am currently calling a diaper. My diaper is a flannel baby diaper and a pillow case just in case. I know, not a real good diaper, but it works for me. I cannot get any real diapers because my mom is the nosiest thing around.

I had been trying to wet my diaper all afternoon, I just could not pee. When I would have the urge to pee I couldn’t bring myself to doing it. I held the pee all afternoon. It now being 6:00, after holding it since at least 3:00. I told my mom I was going to lie down for a little bit, I was lying of course.

Again I tried to pee, but just kept getting trickles out of the thing. Finally I had to go so bad that I just went.

At first it came out slow and I stopped in mid-stream a few times, which mad the urge even more.

I had got peed enough in the diaper that it was wet to the touch. Of course all good things most stop. My mom came in my room and told me to get ready to go out to dinner. She made the comment that my room smells and that tomorrow she was going to help me clean the room from top to bottom (meaning for me that I had better hide my sex toys or start explaining). I told her that “I am not feeling so well” and that her and grandma better go to dinner without me.

As soon as she left I waited a few minutes to make sure that she had gone. I then reached in the closet and got my diaper out and put it back on underneath my underwear. I then proceeded to press the diaper firmly into my penis and feel the cold urine on my skin.

I felt the urge to go and went this time with no trouble at all. I felt the diaper getting kind of wet. So I pulled up my underwear and walked across the hall to the bathroom and started to pee. I thought it would be a good idea to stand in the bath tub and piss. I started to piss and felt the warmth of the urine against my body. I peed at full stream for about 5 seconds before I noticed the diaper start dripping. I thought the dripping was neat “Just like a real baby with a real wet diaper”. By now the urine had started to run down my leg and run constantly out of the diaper.

I finally decided that enough peeing was enough. I slid down my underwear and dropped the diaper on the tub floor and finished peeing in the toilet.

Since my mom said that my sheets on my bed needed washing I went in my room and pulled my sheets off and went back to the bathroom and picked up the now soaked diaper and my underwear and took them to the laundry room. I tossed them in the washer and washed them. “If my mom comes home” I thought “I can tell her that my diaper was something that I had on top of my mattress to keep a spring from hitting me in the butt at night when I sleep, and that the underwear were a pair I found on the floor and thought that I would wash them.

So now I am here writing this story while waiting for the washer to stop. I have got to go and pack up my sex toys in a box and hide them in my office so that my mom doesn’t find them.

That was Friday, On Tuesday I went to the store and bought some adult sized diapers. I was scared about getting them. When I got home I went in my room, my mom was not home, and opened the package and put one on, I peed in it and it felt great, I looked at the clock and knew mom would be home soon. So I changed out of that diaper and put another one on.

When she got home she came into my room and I said “Mom I like wearing diapers”. She said “What?” I said “mom I like wearing diapers”. She still didn’t understand so I stood up and pulled off my sweat pants. She was shocked to say the least.

We had a little talk and it was agreed that if I wanted to wear them, then I would have to buy the diapers, and could only wear them at home when only she and I are there, which is 85% of the time. I asked her not to tell anybody, she agreed.

So here I am 3 months after that night. I have made this web page and put some of my favorite graphics on it too tell me how you like it by dropping me some E-mail sometime.


Tonight I am at the Jaycees convention. I have been diapered since Midnight. I am wearing a diaper under my jeans to the party. I don’t think anybody noticed the bulge in my jeans or the sound the diaper made.If they did, Oh well. I want to tell mom about my pacifier and baby bottle, but am afraid to. I hope to go to K-mart tomorrow and get some attends and possibly a blanket sleeper.

I will wear a diaper to bed tonight


I woke up and wet my diaper right away. Mom knew I had a diaper on,but did not say too much.

I am going to K-mart soon

I am back from K-mart and I bought some Depends, and some cloth diapers and diaper pins. I saw some people I knew and had to avoid them too. I then went back to the room to change my now wet diaper. The cloth diapers are too small, I will use them as a diaper doubler. So I will use the depends. The Depends are Ok, but I don’t like the color

Friday August 30:

Shawn came down an picked me up to go to his house, I was really nervous. I was wearing a diaper on the way up, I was wet when we got there, I continued to wet and finally asked him to change me. I must say, it is a lot different than changing yourself, I loved it. He then dressed me in a onesie, I liked that.

He asked me if I wanted to be fed, I said yes. He made a bottle with grape juice in in and got a pillow, I laid down on his lap on top of the pillow and he fed me from the bottle. I liked this, and hope someday I can find another AB or a Daddy.

We talked about computers and stuff, and looked at pics, he helped me with my video driver, now my pics look COOL.

We changed our clothes, we both put on Blanket sleepers, I like wearing it. We ordered Pizza. We then got ready for bed at 1:00 a.m. Shawn was too tired to change me so I changed myself.

It was kinda hard to sleep, but I got to sleep at about 1:30 and only woke up twice during the night.


I woke up at about 7:30 and started to type last night’s diary entry. I have to pee now, so I wet in my diaper, I hope it holds I drank a lot last night. Shawn diapered me in a cloth diaper, It was neat, I wet it and then re-diapered in a disposable. We then went for brunch at Long John Silver’s. We went back to the apartment and decided to watch a movie on TV, We then went to a movie Theater an watched Jack with Robin Williams. We came back, I was wet, I changed and put my blanket sleeper on, and am now typing this.


Mom came and picked me up from college. We were going to the Jaycees convention in Dayton Ohio. My mom had told me not to bring any diapers along, but I did. I took my footed sleeper, 4 attends large diapers, my pacifier. I had looked up another AB from AOL. After my mom went down to the party, I got out my diapers, sleeper, and pacifier. I got myself ready for bed and went to nite nite.


When I woke up the next morning my mom did not say too much, she knew I was diapered, she just didn’t care. I wet my diaper, then changed,all of this in from of my mom. I got online, and talked to my AB friend and we met at the hotel and then went to the mall to talk. After a few hours we went to the baby Superstore. I wanted to get a pacifier. I got a Gerber NUK size 3 pacifier. I love this pacifier.

That night I diapered myself again, and wore the sleeper.

I hope to add to this more and more, but it is hard to do this in private.


I was surfing the net when Shawn came online. We had some small talk, and then I mentioned that we should meet again. He suggested we meet on the 15th and that I spend that night at his house and that he would bring me back the next afternoon. He said that he was building a big baby crib, an he hoped that it would be done by the time I came up.I told my mom that my friend from Findlay wanted me to come up and spend the night. She was confused about the date, but I straightened her out. By the way, my mom does not know that Shawn is an AB or that I am into the baby clothes, bottles, and pacifiers. She knows that I like to wear diapers.


I am very nervous, and cannot wait until Saturday. I dream every night what it would be like to be a baby full-time.


I was nervous all day. At about 6:45 Shawn called and asked for exact directions to my dorm/apartment. He got most of the directions right, and arrived a little after 7:00 p.m. We loaded my laptop, and a limited amount of clothes up in his car. We stopped at Value City so that he could pick up some diapers, I choose to not go into the store with him, since somebody might recognize me cause I live in the collegetown. After buying diapers we were off to his house. The ride was about an hour long, and I was ready for a diaper when we got there.After setting all of my stuff down, we went upstairs and he changed me.He then put a onsie on me and a pair of snap crotch overalls on me. I look cute with them on. I then drank a bottle and played on the internet for about an hour and a half. It was about 10:00 and I had not had supper yet. We went upstairs and he changed me into a disposable diaper,and I got dressed. He changed too.

We ate at a truck stop, they have good portions for the price. I loaded up on soda pop, and wet my diaper when we got home. He changed me into another cloth diaper. I was dry the rest of the night. We went to bed at 1:00 in the morning. I woke up at 4:30 and played on the net. He woke up at about 5:00 and we played on the computer more. I went upstairs and changed my soaked diaper at about 9:00. We then went upstairs and took pictures of each other in different baby outfits and in out diapers. Before we left I changed my diapers again. We went back to Lima, and dropped our film off at Wal-mart one hour photo lab. My diaper was wet, and I had to wet some more. So I went into the bathroom at Wal-Mart and pulled down my pants and wet my diaper more. I could not leave it on as wet as it was, so I took it off in the bathroom and put it behind the toilet. When I came out Shawn was waiting for me. We then went to Captain D’s for lunch. While he was up ordering his meal I sat down, and then I noticed that he had a wet spot on the back of his pants.When I could I whispered to him that he leaked. He said that he knew.I took his ticket and waited for his meal while he went and changed.When he came out he asked me how big a spot there was, I said not that big, nobody probably even noticed. After we got done eating we shopped some and then went back to Wal-mart and he picked up the pictures. We got to the car and looked at them, they turned out great. Be looking for the new pictures IN COLOR on my photo gallery soon.

I wonder what the lab technician thought when she made those photos???

MONDAY March31,1997

My roommate is moving out (yippeee). last night when he went to bed I left my web page open on my laptop and played the sound. He asked me why I had the Sesame Street theme song playing. I said that it was on a web page and told him it was my diaper web page. he asked to see, and I showed him the main page, and the picture gallery. he said that my pictures looked cute, and I thanked him. We started talking about diapers, the people I have met on the net and AOL. my friend Shawn and stuff. I told him that Shawn changed me and he sounded shocked. I also told him that I wet my diapers too.

I told him that I planned to go out and get some diapers tomorrow.


I woke up at 8:00 this morning and walked 2 blocks to wal-mart and bought diapers. I was nervous, but I told myself just to do it and get it done with.

After walking back to the dorm, I went in my room and dropped my backpack (I put the bag of diapers in there). I went and got some milk to drink. My roommate was still in bed, but I did not care. I laid down on the bed and took my underwear off and powdered myself with baby powder. I then took a diaper and un folded it and slid it under me. then I taped it up. If my roommate awoke during this process I do not know, nor do I care, he is cool with my diapers now.

When he woke up an hour later I made sure that I was laying on my bed in just a diaper and that my thumb was in my mouth. he smiled at me.

After Andy (he sleeps in the other BR) got in the shower I got up and wet my diaper; my roommate was still in the room; I then commented that it felt good to be wet. He said “you’re wet” “yep!” I then pulled on some underwear over my diaper (keeps the sound down) and my jeans.”See you can’t even notice that I am diapered” he replied “nope you can’t”

I went from 9:00 until noon in that wet diaper. I checked mail,check about jobs, checked my e-mail in the computer lab, ate lunch, etc.Then I went home and changed my soaked diaper, my roommate was in the room again, he did not seem to be bothered that a 19 year-old was changing a diaper in front of him.

I then waited until about 4:00 until I got diapered again, I stayed diapered until about 7:00 when I totally soaked my diaper, and took a shower.

MONDAY, May 12, 1997

I went over the the mail room to get my mail, hoping that I would get the package that my new AB friend had said he sent. I walked in and said my apartment number. The lady there said “Nevin, I think you have a package.” I checked the package list and signed my name, I was so excited, it must have shown on my face.

I took my package back to my dorm and opened it up. I could not believe my eyes. Packed in the box were 3 adult sized cloth diapers,3 smaller diapers that I use for soakers, 1 pair of comoco plastic pants,1 pair of yellow printed plastic pants, 1 pair of yellow REAL RUBBER pants , 1 pair of snap sided Gerber pants, and a pair of Gerber pull-on pants.

I immediately took a diaper and soaker and put a diaper on, it felt great, but I had to get to a class, so I took it off.

FRIDAY, May 16, 1997

I will be coming home from college for the weekend, I have packed up my new diapers and plastic pants, and my onsie. After messing around for a bit, my mom and grandma came up to get me at college, and we left for home. My mom and I had doctor’s appointments, after that we went home and got ready to go out to eat. after eating and stuff I settled down for the night. At about 9:00 I diapered myself with a cloth diaper and put my printed plastic pants on. I was chatting until 9:30 with my friend that sent me the diapers. He had to go to work and I said that I would be back on at 11:00, and had set my alarm clock. Well I didn’t get up at 11:00, I woke up at 12:30, he was still on line.

While chatting I wet my diaper twice and then went back to bed.

It is Sunday 8:45 a.m. now. I am still in the same wet diaper as last night

Tuesday June 24, 1997
Today is the day that Jim flies in from California. Jim is another AB that I know from AOL, his screen name is jimi50. It was about 9 PM before he got to my place because he had gotten lost. To add to that, the parking lot back by my apartment was closed for re-paving so Jim could not drive back there.

After we loaded his car up with my stuff we went over to the hotel that we planned on staying at. We checked in and Jim changed my wet diaper that I had been wearing since 7:00 PM.

We then went out to eat at Perkins. After there we went back to our hotel room.

We looked at some things on the net, and I showed him some pictures from My town, and then we both were tired and ready for bed.

Jim laid out a really thick diaper and diapered me in it. He then put plastic pants on me, and my onsie. I grabbed my pacifier and sucked on it until Jim got my bottle ready. He tucked me in to bed and I sucked on my bottle until I went to sleep.

I am typing this at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday, 25 June 1997

Today Jim and I plan on going to Cedar Point Amusement park, hopefully everything goes OK today.

Before we left our hotel Jim Gave me an enema, I took ½ a quart, and held it for about 3 minutes. We then had breakfast before packing up and heading to Sandusky, the town Cedar point is in.

We got to Sandusky at about 12:30 and checked into a hotel and un packed. Jim went to wal-mart to get some disposable diapers for me to wear while we were at the amusement park. He diapered me up and we got in the car and headed to cedar point. We rode 3 water rides and got totally soaked. We dried off a little bit and I went in the bathroom to change my diaper. I decided that there was no place for me to lay down and re-diaper myself so I did not put a diaper back on.

Next we rode a mine ride, which the wait was not all that long. We then walked around and looked at some of the other roller coasters. I am not a roller coaster fan, and will NOT ride the big roller coasters like the Magnum, or anything that goes upside down.

Next we went to the dolphin show and watched them. We wanted to ride the space spiral, but there was a storm coming in and all the tall rides were shut down. So we decided to ride Disaster Transport (it is like Space Mountain), it was cool; most of the ride is in total darkness. By the way that ride is all inside. When we got back outside it was pouring down rain. When it stopped we decided that we should just go back to our hotel because the storm was a really bad storm.

when we got back to out hotel we changed. Jim got back in normal clothes, but I got in a diaper and shorts.

We went out to eat at Applebee’s; the food was ok. Towards the end of the meal I felt a rumbling in my lower tummy, I had to poop. I held it as long as I could and we were ready to leave so I told Jim that I was going to go outside and wait for him and mess my diaper.

I messed my diaper, but the mess was not normal poopy, it was explosive diarrhea, and I knew I would not be able to sit in the car with that big of a mess in my diaper. So I rushed back in to the building and went into the bathroom to take my diaper off.OH MY GOD!! was I a mess. I wiped pretty good seeing that the poop was the total width of my butt. I waited until everybody was out of the bathroom and then headed for the trashcan and put the diaper under some paper towels in the can. Then I washed my hands and left the building as fast as I could; I think some of the people knew something was going on because I got looked at weird. Maybe they smelled the messy diaper when I walked by them the first time.

We went back to our hotel and Jim cleaned me up and diapered me in cloth diapers for the night. He checked me twice through the night to see if I was wet, but was not.

Thursday, 26 June 1997

Today Jim and I will be going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Hall of fame was GRRRRRRREAT!!! I did not know that Cleveland had so much to do with the history of rock and roll. The museum had a lot of stuff from the Hippie era. Lots of black lights throughout the place. There were 5 levels of the museum, and then there was a level that showed videos and pictures of artists that are in the hall of fame. The top level is a dark room with TV screens showing the pictures and a little bit about the artist. On the wall next to the screens the artists signatures are shown. I was not able to take pictures in the museum or the hall of fame, only at the plaza level and outside. I will try to post what pictures that I got when I get them developed.

We have stopped off for the night in Akron Ohio, That is about 20 miles north of canton. Tomorrow we will be going to the Pro Football Hall of fame, and then we will be going back to lima for Friday and night and then Jim will leave Saturday night or afternoon and go to Cleveland so that he will not miss his plane on Sunday.