About me

Hello all,  My name is…., well it’s not important; just call me DiaperNH, or NH.  I am 38, male and live outside of Central Ohio in a home with my (real not AB) mother.

I have been into diapers since May of 1996.  My mom has known about my diapers since that very first night when I bought diapers.

Being active in the ABDL community is very important to me.  I attend munches, parties and most recently I attended CapCon 2016.

I see myself as a child who’s age ranges from 3 to 13; he always has to wear diapers, but as he gets older he really doesn’t want to have to wear diapers like a baby, often fighting that initial diaper change saying “Noooo, I don’t wanna wear a diaper, please don’t make me wear diapers, I’ll be a good boy, I promise”

Mostly I will just wet my diapers, but sometimes messing a diaper just has to happen, sometimes by choice, sometimes it is a  accident (I promise!)  I still need my sippy cup as I tend to spill drinks, sometimes I need a bottle too.

Let’s not forget about Pooh!  Yes, every little needs their faithful teddy bear.  He’s mouthy, lazy and sweet and loving all in one little package.  If I were to ever loose him (again), I’d probably be lost for weeks on end.  I left him in a suitcase with my CPAP one night and that was the worst night of sleep I had in many years.

After being in diapers longer than I have been out of them, I don’t see that changing (ha ha) anytime soon.  I don’t see myself moving away from my mom either, as it seems that she is the only one who understands who I am, plus she is getting older and is retired.  Financially it would not work for either of us to be on our own.

I am hoping that one day I can achieve some of my goals.  Be more open about my little side with everybody, which would help with my next goal.  Get a crib, ever since sleeping in another AB’s crib years ago, I long to wake up in the night and look around me and see the crib bars.  I probably have others rolling around in my head, but I can’t think of them now.