Hot time summer in the city

How’s everybody been?

What have I been up to since march? A lot, but not much.

From the feedback I received at CAPCon, the photobooth was a hit. People loved how they could get their photos either printed, emailed, or texted to them right away. I wish other Con’s would adopt a system to do this.

Granted all the photos are posed, but then again that is what people like to have.

For those stat lovers….

  • Through the 20 some hours of time i was available. There were 345 emails sent with less than 1% bounced or undeliverable (wrong email address or provider (outlook/hotmail) blocking the message)
  • There were 173 outbound texts
  • For prints the numbers are uncertain to an extent…
    I had a roll of paper already loaded with an unknown number of prints remaining, but I changed paper on Saturday afternoon and of that roll of 330 prints, 287 were used.
  • So I will say at least 500 prints were made.

If your event needs an event photographer who can shoot photos, and give your guests instant delivery of the image…. Contact me

I took a vacation road trip end of may / first half of June. We went to Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone, and then Mount Rushmore. Those who know me, know that I took tons of photos all along the way.

Best of all I was able to remain diapered 99% of the time we were gone.

At the time of this post TeddyCon is only 3 months away. Still I’ve yet to see hid not hair of the photos from 2018’s TeddyCon.

I am beginning the process of seriously looking for a new job at this time. Also I am tossing around the idea of doing a large ABDL party. My big hope would be, to be able to host a ABDL Con in Ohio, but that would be a big undertaking with much help needed.