Where have you been!!

Holy cow I have not blogged in some time.  Tons of stuff has happened.

In September before TeddyCon my company of 12 1/2 years announced that they were going to offer voluntary separation packages to those who would like to take the exit.

The wording was in a ways that said “If you want to get out, get while the getting’s good, because if we do forced reductions you won’t get this good an offer”

I decided to volunteer.  I had until November to decide that I wanted to do it.  It was announced in December that I was picked and my end date is fast approaching early spring 2019.

With the package that I am getting I will have the funds to take a longer vacation than I normally would have.  I also have benefits to last me for the rest of the year as well.

I plan to use this time to grow my photography business and to try to re-build my DJ and photobooth business as well.

I am going to CapCon 2019 as a vendor – stop over to the photobooth where you can take a photo and have it ready immediately.

I have decided to shut down the forums on my website, there were way underused; which is probably due to the fact that all posts were moderated for new users, and I was not that good at approving posts.  Plus there are so many more places that people congregate at these days, like Fetlife.com, Instagram, and more.