Why am I an AB

People always want to know “What got you into diapers?”  I frankly don’t know… The more I look back on my life, I keep finding new reasons why.  At this point I think it almost goes back to my cousin being born, which is strange, because I had cousins older and younger than me already.  Before him, my aunt would watch me at her house.  I think her house was one of the first ones that I slept overnight at.  Once she got pregnant, I wanted nothing to do with the new-to-be baby.  I didn’t want to feel him kick; and once he was born, my mom claims that I didn’t even want to look at him….

It could also go back to when my mom took care of my great grandmother after he stroke; she was in diapers and had to be changed and cared for by my mom all the time.

Then again it could go back to that bag of diapers that were in the front closet (side note: I was kept in cloth except when there was a sitter or we were going someplace – mom said so).

The last incident was when I was 12 and had heart surgery, i woke up in a diaper in the ICU.  I don’t believe I used it, it was mainly to cover me up.  I also saw other kids my age and older in diapers too.


The best answer on how I got into diapers would revolve around a typical night.  I grab a diaper and stuffer from my diaper stack, walk back towards the bed, switch off the light and then toss my stuff on the bed.  I then turn on the flashlight on my phone, spread out my diaper and stuffer, powder up the back of the diaper.  I then tell Pooh he’s bad and he replies “ha ha you wear diapees” to which I remind him that he has one on too.  I finish powdering the front up and then pull the diaper up and tape it up, roll over an go to be…. That is how I got into diapers last night, and it will be how I get into them tonight.

Stay Padded, DNH